The clinic has set up this website to enable announcements to patients and online bookings through Health Engine and to communicate with patients with updates. 

Online bookings are only for consultation appointments via Telehealth, whereby the clinic will call patients via telephone to consult.

Please note: all new patients need to have a first FACE to FACE appointment.

Transmission of Covid-19 risk to patients can be reduced by limiting contact time with other patients and staff inside the clinic. Consultations will mainly be conducted through Telehealth. If it is necessary to undertake a clinical consultation on-site with mutual consent of both the patient and the doctor, an agreed time for consultation will be offered in the clinic’s designated consulting rooms.

Please call 9795 0468 to discuss with Reception so that appropriate triaging and preparation can be made for your care.

The clinic will provide a combination of both Telehealth and clinical consultations.   

Pls refer to Clinic HealthDirect Fact Sheet below for instructions:

Enter our Virtual Waiting Area